2021 Reopening Plan

Hello Come Boating rowers!

As you know, Come Boating suspended rowing programs in 2020 because rowing requires that people sit within 6 ft for at least 45 minutes, and we could not meet CDC COVID guidelines to safely row. Although current guidance allows for fully vaccinated people to be unmasked outdoors, the guidance for sustained and close-proximity sports activities remains the same, and this does pose some challenges to rowing.

We know that everyone is anxious to get out on the water and row….so are we! And as a community organization, we have a responsibility to ensure that we approach our return to rowing as safely as possible. On May 29th, Come Boating! will return to rowing with Phase 1 of a phased approach. Please read carefully as this is a lot of information and a temporary change in how people will be able to row.

Phase 1: Rowing will be open to fully vaccinated members of Come Boating only.

  • Anyone can be a member of Come Boating by signing up and paying the membership fee.
  • Go to www.comeboating.org. On the home page click on “Join Now!”
  • Membership will NOT be denied to anyone. If you have any barriers to membership, please contact the Summer Rowing Coordinator at cstaples@wemapit.com
  • Up to date members will be given a password and can use their email address to access the on-line rowing calendar.
  • You will be able to sign up to row using the “Rower Login” tab on the home page.
  • If you have any issues using the Rower Login, please contact the Summer Rowing Coordinator at cstaples@wemapit.com, but please be patient with the process.
  • Fully vaccinated means 14 days after your 2nd dose of a 2-dose vaccine or 14 days after the single dose vaccine.
  • All participants should apply hand sanitizer prior to handling shared gear (oars, lifejackets, cox boxes, etc.) and then again after the row is completed.
  • Face masks are optional while rowing, however face masks that cover the mouth and nose will be required while on shore and on the dock.
  • It is the responsibility of all participants to keep their boatmates safe by NOT coming to a row if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, as defined by the national CDC.
  • It is the responsibility of all participants to follow the Maine CDC’s travel guidance.
  • If you’ve signed up for a row and can’t make it, it is your responsibility to remove your name from the on-line schedule in advance, notify the coxswain, and make a best effort to find a replacement.
  • All rowers will be required to sign a waiver and show proof of vaccination. The waiver will include additional language as it relates to participating in close-proximity activities.
  • We strongly encourage you to sign your waiver and provide proof of vaccination before you sign up for any rows. A Come Boating Representative will be at the Boatshed on Thursday May 20th, from 4pm-5pm.

The waiver is also accessible here to print and sign at home.

Please make every effort to sign your waiver on Thursday. You can also drop a copy of your waiver and proof of vaccination in our Donation box at the Boatshed or mail it to Come Boating at P.O Box 1188 Belfast, ME 04915.

If none of these options are possible, you can sign your waiver and show proof of vaccination to the coxswain on your first row.

We recognize that Phase 1 of the return to rowing process does not meet the aim of Come Boating’s mission to make rowing available to anyone who can hold an oar. Please keep in mind that this is a temporary measure to make our return to rowing as safe as possible for everyone.

The Come Boating Board of Directors will meet no later than one month after the beginning of Phase 1 to discuss and formulate subsequent return to rowing phases. Any subsequent phases will be based on the changing conditions and prevalence of COVID-19 and CDC guidance changes.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work our way towards a full return to rowing.

Phase 2

  • Rowing will continue to be open to members only using the on-line Rower Log in system.
    • Membership will not be denied to anyone.
    • If you are an up to date member you can use the “Rower Login” tab on the home page of our website to join rows.
    • If you have any issues with your log on, please contact the Summer Rowing Coordinator at cstaples@wemapit.com.
  • Starting about the first or second week of June, you will see that scheduled rows on the calendar are noted as one of two types:
    • Vaccinated
      • All people in the boat must be fully vaccinated.
      • Showing proof of vaccination is a “one and done.”  If you haven’t already done so, present your proof of vaccination when you sign your waiver.
    • Open to all
      • You don’t need to be vaccinated for this row.
      • Cox’s who are comfortable with an unvaccinated row may still require masks at their discretion.  This will be noted on the row when it’s posted, and masks will be available (or bring your own just in case).
    • Hand sanitizer will be available.

Some things to remember as we work towards getting everyone on the water:

  • These are temporary measures. We will continue to evaluate our approach and measures taken and change them accordingly.
  • Please be patient with us, as changes may happen quickly.
  • We appreciate all of you and are thankful for all your support during this.

Happy Rowing!