Community Rowing

Community rowing in the 32-foot Cornish rowing gigs Belle Fast, Selkie and our new Cornish pilot gig, Malcolm G. can be enjoyed by groups or individuals of all ability levels. Community rows, skippered by qualified coxsains are scheduled several times a day throughout the week.

Our 2019 rowing schedule is here!

Individuals who wish to row may sign up at the Come Boating boat shed on the Belfast waterfront – just look for the scheduling book in the black mailbox.  Community rows generally last an hour, and are usually scheduled between 6 to 8 AM or 3:30 to 6PM in the summer.  We recommend that you sign up several days ahead, as most rows fill up before the scheduled time. Of course, you are welcome to show up and see if there is room on the boat.  If you cannot participate in a row you have signed up for, please remove your name from the roster or contact the coxswain before the row so that someone else may take your place.

For details about our rowing protocols, click here.

For more information on community rowing, contact Clark Staples at

If you have a group who would like to row at another time, call Come Boating at 207-370-5856.