Rowing Protocol

Rowing Protocol

In an effort to make the rows enjoyable and rewarding for all, we ask that you follow the protocol below:

  • There are four different types of rows: Recreational, Recreational/Instruction, Conditioning, and Race Training. Please note the type of row when you initiate a row; DO NOT CHANGE IT if you’re joining an existing row.
  • You can remove your name from the sign-up up to 24 hours prior to the row. After that, if you remove your name, please find a substitute to fill your seat.
  • If you sign up to row (as a Regular or Extra), you are responsible to show up. If you are an extra this means you may or may not be able to row, but YOU MUST SHOW UP IF YOU SIGN-UP!
  • Arrive up 10 minutes before your row, to help get the boat ready and so we know you’re there.
  • Each row must have a cox. The cox is responsible for the boat, for logging the names of the rowers before heading out, for checking safety equipment, and for making all decisions relating to the row. Rowers who are certified as coxes are color-coded in the sign-up.
  • Typically you need a minimum of 4 rowers (plus a cox) to row, but the cox may waive this, depending on the conditions.
  • If you sign up as an Extra (#1 thru #8), you are not guaranteed a seat, but are expected to show for a row if needed. Extras are automatically moved up to a Rower position if a someone removes his/her name from the list before the row is scheduled to depart. It’s important to check your status once you sign up as an Extra.
  • Be aware of any rows that follow yours, and return to the dock in time for that next row to get out as scheduled.
  • Use the member list only for rowing-related activities (which can, of course, include social gatherings). Please don’t use the list for personal announcements, soliciting, etc.
  • Notices of community interest may be posted under the Community Notices tab in the Members Section of our web site. Please contact us if you would like us to place a notice.

Row Types


Safe rowing practices with a relaxed group of people. Brief warm-up followed by a row that will include 1-2 breaks, during which conversation is encouraged. No instruction but you will be expected to stay in sync and follow coxswain commands.


Brief warm-up, 15-20 minutes of recreational rowing, 20-25 minutes of instruction/drill, 10 minute recreational row and cool-down.


Safe rowing practices with a group focused on elevated heart rate, muscle strengthening, and endurance. Brief warm up followed by 50 minutes of steady rowing, averaging 28-29 strokes/minute. Expect to learn and refine new skills. Could row to the monument and back.

Race Training

Safe rowing practices with a group focused on racing strategies and optimizing group performance. Warm-up followed by training appropriate to the event: starts, holding, backing up, turns, event-specific conditioning , and targeted drills. The conditioning can range from very little (for teams participating in a race at a recreational level) to up to 2.5 hours straight rowing for the Blackburn Challenge.