2019 Coxswain Meeting Sheet

Belfast Regatta Coxswain’s meeting 11:30 Saturday 8/7/19


Conducted by: Susan Cutting, Coordinator

Roy Rodgers, Marshal

Malcolm Gater, Assistant Marshal

Please study the accompanying chart and course description.

Safety Rules & Considerations:
 All participants under age 18 are required to wear a PFD with a whistle.
 All others must have a PFD with them (make sure to try it on & fit it to you beforehand). Pilot gigs must have a life ring and a horn on board (Coast Guard regs).
 Take care in the Mooring field – please don’t hit any sail boats (expensive!)
. Watch for traffic: sailboats, motor boats, lobster boats, tug boats may be entering & exiting the harbor.

No blocking allowed (if another race boat is overtaking you).
 Larger, faster boats will start last, so watch for small singles & doubles ahead of you, especially near the turns and on the final leg of the race, when big boats really catch up to small ones.

Giving Way at a Mark:

When 2 boats are overlapping or close to overlapping each other on approach to a Mark, there is a 2 boat length zone around the Mark. The position of the boats as they enter the two-length zone determines who must give way at the turn. The boat on the inside of the turn has the right of way.

However, if the lead boat is clear ahead when it reaches the two-length zone, then it maintains the right of way, and the astern boat must allow clearance even if it later catches up to overlap.

Safety Boats:
 We have 4 Safety Boats and 1 Marshal’s boat this year.
 One safety boat for each leg of the race + one stationed off the rocks at foot of Allyn Street. Each safety boat is marked by an orange pennant / flag stick on the stern.

If you get in trouble: 
Make your way toward nearest safety boat.

If medical emergency, STOP and raise your oars or paddles.

If you’re capsized & in the water, STAY PUT, wave your arms & make noise – wait for a safety boat to come to you.

Race starts at 12 Noon. The start line is between 2 buoys off the Gazebo.

We use a “staggered start” with boat categories sent off in “waves”. 
Gather north of the START LINE with other boats in your “wave”, which will be announced at Cox’s meeting at 11:30 at Boathouse. We will start at Noon and the starter will call instructions via bull horn, so PAY ATTENTION and listen for your “wave” to be called.

There’s just 3 minutes between each wave, so you must be ready to approach the start line.
 You are responsible for being at the starting line when the horn goes off for your Wave.

If you cross the Start Line before the horn goes off – DISQUALIFICATION!

The Finish line is at the start line. 
A horn will blow for each boat crossing the finish line. Do not stop until you hear your horn!