How to Get on the Water NOW!

1. Click “Rower/Sailor login” on the navigation bar:

2. Click the red button: “Signup to Row/Sail” 

3. To set up a login to utilize the sign up system, click the line “Need a login? Click here.” at the bottom of the yellow box.

4. Create a profile by entering your information. *Make sure to include your email and phone number so the cox or skipper can get in touch with you in case they need to communicate about a row or sail you have signed up for. Once you save your profile, you will be given a password to use when signing up in the system. 

5. You can now sign into the system by using your email (or the “login name” that you set in your profile), and entering your password directly through the “Sign up to row/sail” red button.

6. You can find instructions for signing up for a row or sail here: 

Pay attention to the note under “To join an EXISTING Row;” most of the rest of the language is for the cox/skipper.

(This is found where it says “Click HERE for Instructions,” underneath the red button “Signup to Row/Sail”).

You can also click “Click for instructions” in white lettering underneath the header “Sign-up to Row/Sail Calendar,” when you log into the calendar itself. 

***If inclement weather is predicted, we recommend that you log in and check back on your sail within a couple of hours prior to the row/sail, to see if a cancellation has been made. If you entered your contact information in your profile, the cox/skipper will do their best to communicate a cancellation or time change to you directly.